Products and Services

Harnessing agricultural production  EURAGRO TOBACCO Ltd  get the following products:

         The price of these agricultural products is established in the crop before recovery depending on market needs , except for the tobacco culture in the contract - depending on its quality framework drying known price paid by the first processor to producer.
       Also provide services through partner companies both in the farming  village Topolog and nearest  areas . The most important agricultural work performed are:  plowing, disking , combines, sprayers , hoeing, sowing, harvesting. We provide specialized support in order to ensure the processes specific crops, providing technical assistance on the collection and interpretation of test reports of soil samples determining the concentrations of nitrogen , phosphorus, active lime , potassium , magnesium, etc.  

In relation to the demands of our customers and adapt their areas of interest , identifying funding opportunities available from both domestic and external sources . Variants of funding from internal sources refer to both structural and investment programs and the funds allocated by the Government through various programs . External funding programs come both from direct application to the European Union via   Agriculture National Rural Development Programme and various other grant funded in partnership with other countries ( EEA and Norway Grants Fund, Swiss , etc. ) . When identifying the funding source we inform beneficiary eligibility criteria and program specific contractual conditions , assuming development funding , the demand file the following documentation : request for funding , feasibility study , business plan, supporting memorandum , Cost Benefit Analysis , Strategy marketing , etc . Since the signing of the funding contract  up to the publish notice of completion we ensure the support our clients in all implementation stage.