About Us

EURAGRO  TOBACCO  Company Ltd. was founded in 2011, has as main activity the cultivation of cereals (wheat , barley , oats , canola ,rape seed  , sunflower , corn , alfalfa ) and also  technical plant like tobacco. Regarding tobacco culture we offer complete technology work culture both at starting seeds and growing their preparation correlated with the method of harvesting, drying , storage, sale well in preparing the necessary documentation consulting contract starting culture framework to be completed the first trial, the documents to be filed with the county agricultural direction , drying and  delivery tobacco documents etc. Through partner companies we perform agriculture services to individuals and corporate beneficiaries of the town Topolog , Tulcea  as well   beyond. In order to support farmers interested also provide technical consultancy in order to inform and accessing European structural funds made ​​available by the European Union through  Agriculture National Rural Development Programme making available to them all information material but also providing technical support since the preparing the necessary documentation , submitting the project but also their implementation.